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How we give

Every year, FODAC helps thousands of adults and children with disabilities in need who are uninsured or underinsured. And while the specific needs of each individual vary, one thing remains constant—we couldn’t do it without your help!

How we need help

FODAC depends on volunteers for all of our programs—from refurbishing wheelchairs and collecting equipment to staffing our Thrift Store. Our volunteers develop a sense of camaraderie as they watch what a difference their contribution of time, equipment or money makes in the lives of individuals with disabilities. Many families whose lives have been touched by a disability—and who have benefited from our services personally—return to see how they can help others.

How you can give

Whether you have equipment you want to donate, can lend a hand in our wheelchair refurbishing shop or have a school, church, civic or corporate group in need of a meaningful volunteer opportunity we can show you how to maximize your efforts for the greatest impact.

Rotary Clubs

Rotary Clubs in the Atlanta area have stepped up in some incredible ways for FODAC. Read more below to see what they have done and get ideas on ways your club can make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities.

Rotary Clubs


Rotary and FODAC

Rotary has been a significant partner with FODAC for many years.  FODAC is proud that President and CEO Chris Brand has been a Rotarian since 2006. He has served as Club President and Assistant Governor, also received an award as Rotarian of the year for District 6900.

Partner with us

Your Rotary Club can impact the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people with disabilities by partnering with FODAC.

How we worked with Rotary

Your Rotary Club can impact the lives of hundreds or even thousands of people with disabilities by partnering with FODAC. Your club can contribute to disaster relief, hold an HME equipment drive, donate space, or transportation.

Touching Lives!



Sam is very active, and enjoys going to the library, riding his bike, playing at the beach and more. Equipment he’s received over the years from FODAC keeps him moving! Sam’s mother writes, “Sam has been denied disability and we are a one income self-employed family."


Brooklyn received a specialized pediatric stroller from FODAC, something she was unable to receive from insurance. Her mom Jennifer states, “Having a stroller in addition to a wheelchair provides physical relief, especially since my back surgery. We can be in and out the car a dozen times a day for medical appointments. The stroller is lightweight and saves my back from the burden of heavy lifting as a wheelchair would."


Ellie, from Carrollton,GA received a pediatric wheelchair from FODAC after leg surgery to correct the effects from Spinal Bifida. During her weeks of recovery, the wheelchair allowed her to attend preschool and have independence. Since Ellie’s parents were denied a wheelchair through their healthcare program, they were grateful to learn about FODAC.


"Being a medically complex, single income family is not easy. I am so thankful for organizations like FODAC that can help families like ours get the resources we need. Thanks to FODAC, our little boy has been able to secure walkers that help him be the independent 4 year old he so wants to be, even though he cannot walk unassisted. He absolutely deserves everything possible to give him the best fighting chance of being able to walk unassisted one day, and we cannot thank FODAC enough for the support." Corbin received a pediatric gait trainer and posterior walker. The retail value of these items is nearly $2,000. Corbin’s family received them for $25.


When Charlie broke his leg while climbing on a cattle gate, his injury required him to stay off his leg while it healed. All he could do was lie on the couch and watch tv – not exactly what an active farmboy should be doing in the summer months. FODAC provided a pediatric wheelchair, and suddenly Charlie was rolling all around the house and Mom and Dad were thankful for not having to carry him around all day. “We are so thankful that FODAC helped to make the healing journey a little easier,” said Charlie’s mom Jeni. “This is what caring and compassion is about. Thank you FODAC!”

Tai Ann

“Today is like Christmas,” said Valerie, the mom of 14-year-old Tai Ann, who came to FODAC for the first time in October. “A hitch lift was installed on our family car so we can transport Tai Ann safely to and from doctor’s appointments and to other activities.” FODAC also provided Tai Ann with a lightweight power chair and added adjustable leg supports to help following her recent hip replacement surgery.

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